36 Hours in Goa

By Sarah A. Khan / February 21, 2019

Known for its gorgeous beaches and hippie vibe, this tiny state in western India also offers a fascinating blend of Indian and Portuguese influences that are reflected in its buildings, cuisine and art. Think of it as India’s happy place: The state of Goa, which occupies a sliver on the...

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How Homegrown Beauty and Wellness Brand Pahadi Local Redefined Luxury

By Latha Sunadh / February 20, 2019

The hills are filled with goodness and no one knew this better than Jessica Jayne, the owner and founder of wellness and beauty label, Pahadi Local. The initiative, as Jayne calls it...

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50 Things I’ve learnt about travel

By Divia Thani / December 14, 2018

"Travel is an amazing experience. No matter how much or how little you do it, remember that" Eight years and fifty issues later, here’s what I’ve learnt: The world has an uncanny way of throwing you into the right destination at the perfect time........

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Dubai: The World’s Beauty Capital

By Sujata Assomull / September 3, 2018

Not surprisingly, Dubai is on the mind of many Indian beauty companies such as Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda and as well as Pahadi Local, a newbie in comparison. It is a three-year-old sustainable beauty brand with its hero product being Gutti Ka Tel...

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This 5-Day Retreat in Himachal will give you a Taste Of The Mountain Life

By Andrea Pinto / July 31, 2018

What would you want your next short break to have? The scent of apples? Cool mountain breeze? A hint of adventure? The Pahadi Pure Experience has all this and more...

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Indian Borage Honey by Pahadi Local

By Naina / May 21, 2018

Whether to eat it or to apply it on my face? That is the question that troubles me when I look at my bottle of the Indian Borage Honey by Pahadi Local. It is both a limited offering ( rare ) and also expensive ( Rs. 1,100 for this 300 grams bottle ) and I end up taking tiny sips...

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Why your soul must embrace this sustainable wellness line from the hills?

By Aparrna Gupta / April 19, 2018

I begin my #behindthebottle series with, Pahadi Local. A sustainable brand that packs in the goodness of the hills in simple bottles. Why I love Pahadi? Because the products are effective, but more so because I trust the brand. It’s a niche line...

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Jessica Jayne brings the mountain spa closer home with Pahadi Local

By Unknown / April 12, 2018

She crunched numbers and decibels before trekking the entrepreneurial world. This is Jessica Jayne's #PassionToPaycheck story. "I've followed every single interest I have ever had and attempted to turn it into the work I do," says Jessica Jayne...

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5 Natural Beauty Products to make you feel hella’ pampered

By Anushka Mulchandani / August 22, 2017

I long for days I can just lounge in bed with a head and face mask on and look super refreshed 20 minutes later. Bath and body products are my weakness and when it comes to trying new solutions and formulae, I’m more than happy to dive right into it...

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Pahadi Local Feature Story

By Beej Living Blog / July 27, 2017

Sourcing locally, distributing widely My first brush with Pahadi Local was not among scented pine trees in the Himalayas. Rather, it was last year, in Jaipur, during the literature festival. At The Bees Knees, a sprightly pop-up held in the lawns of the charming Hotel Narain Niwas Palace, little clay bees, bellies striped yellow and black and wings ...

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10 Brands we are totally crushing on right now

By Tia Paranjape / July 15, 2017

At StyleCracker we are constantly on the lookout for great talent. Check out the top ten brands featuring on our lust-list this week!...

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‘To see an idea become a household name is my dream:’ Serial entrepreneur Jessica Jayne on her latest brainchild Pahadi Local

By Rakhi Chakraborty / September 29, 2015

Jessica Jayne is unashamed about the failures in her entrepreneurial trajectory. “When I was 21, I launched a magazine that failed miserably. I went on to set up SharkFin, a successful...

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These 5 Body Oils Will Provide You With More Hydration Than Your Moisturisers

By /

This oil is popularly known as Gutti Ka Tel, and is rich in Vitamins A, E and C. Its application can give your polished glow, and remove discolouration. Not only that, it can also be used as a make-up remover and as a facial oil.

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We’re early adopters of Pahadi Local and have been using their flagship product Gutti Ka Tel (apricot kernel oil) since it launched in 2015. Since then, they’ve expanded their range of products to include walnut oil, apricot kernel face and body scrubs, face and body clay packs, and even honey, tea, pashminas, and silver bracelets. Made from natural, ethically sourced ingredients in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, their products are available individually or as part of gift hampers.

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Scrubs, Oils And More Sourced From The Himalayas With Pahadi Local

By Shalvi /

All natural self-care products? Hell yeah! Opt for Pahadi Local’s Gutti Ka Tel, Khal and more, all of which is made with carefully sourced products from the Himalayas. What To Buy? Launched a year ago {they just celebrated their first anniversary}, Pahadi Local is the brainchild of Mumbai-based Jessica Jayne, which aims to bring to your doorstep the goodness of the hills, all bottled up.

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Vogue Australia

5 Indian skincare brands you need to know

By Anjan Sachar /

Whether it’s the 10-step Korean skincare routine that got the world talking, or the clean Australian skincare movement known as A-beauty, there is no denying that each country’s beauty industry is distinctly unique. The Himalayas are a treasure trove of botanicals and no doubt the reason why the residents that live up north have such flawless skin. Pahadi Local harnesses the goodness of apricots and walnuts to create body oils and scrubs that are both therapeutic and effective.

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This September, Enjoy A Blissful 5-Day Retreat With Pahadi Pure Experience In Himachal!

By Priyanka Banerjee /

Have you ever picturized your vacation to be like one of those inspired by the movies, where there are picturesque landscapes, lush green orchards, and you get to spend a few days close to nature? If you have been fantasizing about this scenario for a long time now, then it’s time you experience it for real.

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Wellness Products from Pahadi Local

By /

Introduce your girls to the local luxury of Pahadi Local that identifies and sources wellness products native to the Himalayas. Choose from a range of wellness products that will make them feel pampered and help them unwind from the epic celebration.

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Beauty & Wellness from the Himalayas

By /

Pahadi Local is dedicated to advocating Luxury in Simplicity. Pure beauty & wellness sourced locally from the Himalayas. Pahadi Local ensures that their products meet the highest standards of purity, sourcing and richness, for you to enjoy the goodness of the hills.

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Goodness of Himalayas in Skin and Haircare Products

By /

The magnificence of nature is understated. Not only does our beautiful Earth spread ecstatic vibes but, the mountains and valleys, seashores and rainforests are all caches for natural, hidden secrets of beauty and wellness. Sourcing various such pure, natural, local products from the Himalayan regions, Pahadi Local brings to us the #goodnessofthehills in the form of various beauty & health oils, salts, honey and the sorts.

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Empower, enrich and thrive with Pahadi Local

By Divya Kala Bhavani /

Recently in Hyderabad and Chennai for skincare workshops, the brand’s founder Jessica Jayne recounts her love story with both planet and people. I’m a graduate in Economics but I often find myself using my instincts more,” says Pahadi Local founder Jessica Jayne when discussing her sustainable business strategies. But this makes sense given the profoundly touching origin story of the brand, which fascinated many people at her recent skincare sessions at Good Earth in Hyderabad and in Chennai.

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5 beauty brands that are making it easy for you to join the sustainability movement


Being accountable is the name of the beauty game this year. More than a handful of beauty brands in India care not only for the ingredients we put on our body, but are also making sure that they are high quality, fair-priced, and sourced well. But to take their beliefs a step further, they are also thinking of the long-term impact their work has on the environment. We picked out five mainstream labels whose idea of sustainability involves taking care of empties, saving water, and packaging better.

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Gutti Ka Tel by Pahadi Local

By The Beauty Wonderland Blog /

I’m a real sucker for natural stuff and home remedies. So when I first heard about Gutti ka tel that comes from the glorious Himalayas I just had to give it a try. Today, I’m on my eleventh bottle! I guess that says it all...

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A lot like love

By Nicobar Blog /

Jessica Jayne moved to the mountains for love. Three years on, she’s brought a whole lot of it back for the rest of us with her steadily growing and immensely popular beauty label, Pahadi Local. Her story is one of chance discoveries and serendipitous encounters. A driven entrepreneur, Jessica started...

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