From the himalayas, with love

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The Hills Are Alive

We’ve listened closely to the sound of the Himalayas for five years. A song rife with wisdom and treasures. All that was shared in song, we distilled into a clean and conscious skincare selection, bringing the goodness of the hills to your home.

The good news is that the behemoths are not done conversing with us and we’ve renewed our commitment to translate the secrets of the mountains into skincare for another five and more years! In our seventh year, you will find us under the apricot tree and dreaming. In the shade of this ample tree, we’ve gleaned that great skincare balances simplicity with science and specificity.

The Pahadi Local family has grown to include key ranges, each of which hero an iconic mountain ingredient. We’ve also thoughtfully grown our little portfolio to a more comprehensive yet focused range of products including face and body balms, shower oils, cleansing oils, face mists, serums, scrubs and face masks. Every skin has specific concerns and our new collections are designed to serve a variety of needs from brightness to skin barrier repair to moisture and much more.

Our new journey in our old home, the Himalayas, begins with the apricot kernel range, which as fate would have it, brings us full circle as Pahadi Local. We’ve innovated beyond everyone’s beloved gutti ka tel, to bring you a potent, pure and benefits-packed apricot kernel range which presents the ingredient in a number of avatars.  

As a nod to the mountains, and to our long term sustainability goals, we’ve now embraced glass as our primary form. And as a finish flourish to the mindful packaging we’ve given life to the wondrous apricot tree through pen and ink, for you to savour a slice of mountain life.

Our new journey in our old home, the Himalayas, begins with you, and we’d love for you – old fans and first-timers – to come home to the Himalayas, come home to the all new Pahadi Local.