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Pahadi Local is a brand that sources its skincare products from the Himalayas. They follow a SOURCE TO BOTTLE philosophy, products range from cold pressed oils sourced from orchards, clays, salts & flowers.

It is more than that, all Pahadi Local products are CHEMICAL FREE, PRESERVATIVE FREE AND STABILISER FREE.

Since Pahadi Local is chemical free, it is absolutely safe for both pregnant women & children.

Pull salt facewash. Add a pinch of salt to water and gently apply to face-do not exfoliate. And wash as you would a face wash

Markalak Himalayan clay

Thangi Ka Tel- Hazelnut Oil because it is a dry oil, tannin rich and high in antioxidants. Acts like a natural astringent.

Gutti Ka Tel- Apricot Kernel Oil. Mix 1:1 with rose water in summer and apply directly on face in winter without mixing.

Peach Kernel Oil- High in Vitamin E & fatty Acides, very good hydrating oil.

Gutti Khal – Apricot Meal Scrub. Mix with water to make a paste and use it as a body exfoliator.

At JCB salons, Good Earth stores, Taj Hotels and online.

Currently in ECOCERT Audit, which is a French product certification. Otherwise all our products are laboratory tested as per standard international parameters.

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