We believe luxury lies in simplicity. Crisp fresh air. Crystal clear cool water. The scent of deodar that wraps you in a cocoon of comfort. Oils extracted using century-old methods by locals tending to orchards on their own land. The simple act of spraying a mist made from flowers tumbling down hillsides. We tend to forget that the simplest things are often the truest. And what we strive to do is remind you of the simple pleasures of life through our brand offerings. We define luxury through this act of mindfulness—the ability to appreciate and love nature in its purest, most beneficial form, straight from the hills to your home. It is imperative for us to understand our own limits to the supply chain. We are conscious therefore, to never strain the abundance of the Himalayas, which may have an adverse effect on its precarious ecosystem. Pahadi Local aims to give back, as much as we can, to the regions we source from, through various green initiatives, cooperative structures and fair pricing.
Gutti Khal Apricot Meal Scrub